A Dozen Video Seo Tips That Only Experts Can Give}

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Submitted by: Udit Khanna

Video SEO can make your brand. It can increase organic traffic and search ranking of your website. But you need focusing on video promotion on both search engines and social media platforms. Herere some tips for video promotion.

1. Optimize the content

SEO can do a great job by pushing your content high on SERPs but it is only part of digital marketing strategy. The most important thing is that people watch your content. Make the content shareable and linkable. Provide important information in an interesting way so that viewers want to share it and publishers want to link your content.

2. Focus on mobile optimization

While most videos are made for desktop viewing and mobile optimization is considered only a part of the video optimization. But now the trend is changing fast as mobile video viewing has surpassed desktop viewing. But you dont need worrying much about mobile optimization as YouTube and other platforms like Vimo are already optimized for mobile platforms.

3. Optimize thumbnails

Thumbnail has little value for SEO but it can increase organic traffic and viewership. It should be predictive more than attractive. Viewers should be able to get the feel of the content the thumbnail represents. Qualities of a good thumbnail are colorful, storytelling and branded. It could be anything but click-bait.

4. Upload to multiple platforms

Self-hosting will be the first option but it shouldnt be the only option for uploading videos. While self-hosting could be a great help in SEO, publishing the video on other platforms especially YouTube that is the largest video viewing platform. Also publishing link to the video on social media can maximize exposure and improve rankings.

5. Diversify your text on different platforms

Take care you do no copy and paste description and title tags on video marketing platforms. Also you dont need writing new tags and description. You can simply use synonyms and alter length of the description and tags to make them look new.

6.Add captions

Google love text hence the more text matter attached to your video, the more value it gets from Google. You can script your videos with keywords. It will help optimize the transcription. With captions and video transcriptions, you can certainly move your video content ahead than your competitors.

7. Use right format

Choosing right format is also a necessity. Here text matter can help. Publish content in the format that search engines can detect with the help of WordPress and Google tools.

8. Use the right platform

YouTube is the optimal choice for video marketing but you shouldnt limit it to YouTube. Explore more options. Also you should avoid publishing videos in Flash as search engines dont recognize it and also it is annoying for viewers.

9. Do your research

Dont go to YouTube or social media without making a strategy for video marketing. Learn from others. Go to forums where SEOs discuss tips for promoting video content and make strategy for your videos.

10. Collaborate

Link building tactics applies to video marketing as well. You should try to connect to as many people as you can and also you should demand that your collaborative partners agree to exchange links with your video content.

11. Prioritize viewer feedback

In video promotion; likes, comments and shares play a crucial role. It is feedback that everyone including Google takes note of. Keep watching performance of your video on search engine and social media for feedback.

12. Be trendy

Stick to the trend but dont become a copycat. You can start a new trend using your creativity.


Video content could prove to be more helpful than articles, blogs and PRs. But you need optimizing the content for more viewing, shares and links. While doing videodigital marketing, you need keeping SEO and user feedback in mind.

About the Author: Udit Khanna is a Digital marketing professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing , Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance). For more background information on him, please view his profile on G+ .




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Arkansas judge tells parents to leave Tony Alamo compound to regain custody of seized children

Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Arkansas judge has told the parents of two teenage girls taken from a religious compound run by Tony Alamo that the children can be returned to their parents if the parents agree to leave the compound and secure financial independence away from the controversial “Tony Alamo Christian Ministries” organization. The two girls, ages 16 and 14, were removed from the compound along with four other girls in a September 20 raid conducted by state, federal law enforcement officials and FBI. Authorities raided the compound while investigating allegations of physical and child sexual abuse.

The controversial evangelist leader of the organization, Tony Alamo, 74, was himself arrested on September 25 in Flagstaff, Arizona on charges of sexually abusing children and allegedly transporting a young girl across state lines in order to commit sexual acts with her – a violation of the Mann Act. He waived extradition from Arizona to Arkansas. Alamo has previously been convicted on charges of tax evasion. He was born as Bernie Hoffmann, and started the Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Foundation in 1969 with his wife Susan.

Texas Human Services caseworkers took another 20 children into custody on Tuesday in investigations into properties controlled by the organization in Fouke, Texarkana and Fort Smith, Arkansas. According to Associated Press, nine girls and 11 boys ages 1 to 17 were taken into care of the state Tuesday. The children were given health screenings by the state on Wednesday, and received mental health and education assessments. Department of Human Services spokeswoman Julie Munsell said that the children taken by the state on Tuesday had no signs of poor health, and did not need any pressing medical attention. The children were placed in foster care in Arkansas, and Miller County Circuit Judge Kirk Johnson will convene a hearing Monday to determine if these children should stay in foster care.

KTBS reported that three of the boys were taken by the state from the courthouse while they were with their parents attending the hearings on the two girls taken September 20. Circuit Judge Joe Griffin gave the order authorizing seizure of the children by the state, on allegations of physical abuse and neglect. Judge Griffin’s order found that there was probable cause that other children at the Tony Alamo compound properties were at risk of abuse and neglect, and may have already been abused. According to a report Thursday in the Texarkana Gazette, over one hundred children from the Tony Alamo compound that were part of a court order to be taken into state custody may be outside reach of child welfare services and unaccounted for, if they were taken over state lines. Arkansas State Police searched over 12 locations Tuesday, but no children were found at the Fort Smith location.

I am not trying to infringe on their religious practices, only the practices that were found to be neglectful or abuse.

In a hearing which concluded Friday night, Judge Jim Hudson of Miller County Circuit explained that his ruling was influenced by a recommendation from the Arkansas Department of Human Services. Human Services asserted that girls at the Fouke compound were at risk of sexual abuse, and that beatings were meted out as punishment at the compound. Human Services also alleged that one of the two girls had been a witness to abuse, and that the other was herself subjected to being beaten at the compound. Judge Hudson stated: “It seems from their recommendation that they don’t see a way that the problems with abuse and neglect could be solved within the context of that very tightly knit community.”

“I am not trying to infringe on their religious practices, only the practices that were found to be neglectful or abuse,” said Judge Hudson after the hearing had concluded. Judge Hudson made his ruling after hearing three days of testimony regarding the allegations of child abuse at the Tony Alamo compound.

You do not have a constitutional right to subject your children to sexual abuse because it’s in line with your religious beliefs.

The director of the Arkansas chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, Rita Sklar, stated that she did not have any objections to restrictions on religion, if the welfare of a child was involved. “It doesn’t sound problematic to keep the children away from what seems to be a very dangerous situation. You do not have a constitutional right to subject your children to sexual abuse because it’s in line with your religious beliefs,” said Sklar in a statement in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

The Texarkana Gazette reported that Tony Alamo released a statement from his jail cell regarding the testimony given this week regarding the allegations of abuse made against him. With regard to claims made by the 14-year-old girl who testified in court that Alamo molested her when she was 12-years-old and living at his house, Alamo stated: “She’s a liar right out of the pit of hell.” Alamo went on to state that he was: “being found guilty without a presumption of innocence … I have no say in what’s going on. This is one-sided and I can’t be heard.”

An arrest warrant was issued by Fort Smith police for John Erwin Kolbeck, 49, who allegedly served as an enforcer for Alamo. Kolbeck is accused of beating Alamo’s followers for offenses against him and the organization, and Little Rock FBI spokesman Steve Frazier told the AP that a federal warrant for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution was drawn out in the past week for Kolbeck.

He said don’t tell anybody what happened here or I’ll have John (Kolbeck) beat you and I’ll take care of you.

According to the AP, the 14-year-old girl testified Monday that Alamo placed his hand over her mouth while she was showering, and then touched her inappropriately. He then threatened her by saying the name of his alleged enforcer Kolbeck. “He said don’t tell anybody what happened here or I’ll have John (Kolbeck) beat you and I’ll take care of you. Nobody would’ve believed me, anyway. Everybody thinks he’s a prophet here,” stated the 14-year-old girl in court, reported the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

Judge Hudson stated that a review of the case is scheduled for February 14 and subsequently every 90 days thereafter in order to assess if the girls’ parents are in compliance with the Judge’s request. If the parents are seen to be out of compliance, the state may recommend termination of parental rights. Hearings are expected next week with regard to the status of the other four girls that were removed from the compound September 20. Tony Alamo is himself scheduled for trial on February 2.

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Arkansas judge tells parents to leave Tony Alamo compound to regain custody of seized children

Memorial for toddler who died under care of controversial ‘1 Mind Ministries’ group

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A memorial service was held Friday for Javon Thompson, a toddler that died in Baltimore, Maryland, while under the care of a religious group called “1 Mind Ministries”. Thompson died in late 2006 or early 2007 in an apartment in West Baltimore. According to police statements, members of 1 Mind Ministries refused the boy food and water because he did not say “amen” after group meals. Police say the boy would have been about 19 months old when members of the group stopped feeding him in December 2006.

I loved this baby more than anything in my life.

The Baltimore Sun spoke with Seeta Khadan-Newton, Javon Thompson’s grandmother, at the funeral service which took place at March Funeral Homes in Northwest Baltimore. “I loved this baby more than anything in my life,” she said.

The Baltimore Sun reported that Khadan–Newton told them she had contacted Baltimore’s Division of Social Services at least four times between April and December of 2006 out of worries for Thompson’s wellbeing and location. DSS officials stated that they received only two phone calls, and the complaints about Thompson’s treatment were not enough to look into further.

WJZ-TV reported that “Queen Antoinette”, the 40-year-old leader of 1 Mind Ministries, allegedly concealed Javon Thompson’s body in a blanket and sprayed it with fabric softener to mask the odor before having a member of the group leave the body in a friend’s backyard shed in Philadelphia. According to police, members of 1 Mind Ministries placed Thompson’s remains in a suitcase and took it to Philadelphia in February 2007, where they left it with an elderly friend. Subsequently members of the group moved to Brooklyn, New York. Law enforcement authorities found the suitcase with Thompson’s remains in April 2008.

Ria Ramkissoon, 21, Thompson’s mother, and four others, have been charged with first-degree murder by Baltimore homicide detectives in connection with the boy’s death. The Associated Press reported that police charging documents state that Queen Antoinette instructed her followers to pray for Javon Thompson to be resurrected while he lay dead in the back room of the Baltimore apartment. An informant told police Queen Antoinette left Javon Thompson’s body in the back room of the apartment for over a week, and told her followers: “God was going to raise Javon from the dead”.

The members of this cult, who were more than twice her age, were calling the shots.

Ramkissoon’s mother and her attorney assert that she was brainwashed by the 1 Mind Ministries group and acted under the control of Queen Antoinette. “The members of this cult, who were more than twice her age, were calling the shots,” said Ramkissoon’s attorney Steven Silverman at a court hearing for his client. Inside the group, Ria Ramkissoon referred to herself as “Princess Marie”.

Court documents revealed that 1 Mind Ministries conducted operations in secret, did not believe in medical care and dressed in all-white clothing. Members of the group were referred to as “princes” and “princesses” by Queen Antoinette, also known as Toni Sloan or Toni Ellsberry. Documents also state that they viewed Javon Thompson as a “demon” for not saying “amen” after meals, that they stopped feeding him in December 2006, and did not seek out medical attention when the boy stopped breathing and died.

It fits the profile of a classic cult…

Rick A. Ross of The Ross Institute Internet Archives for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements spoke with the Associated Press about the nature of the 1 Mind Ministries group, and asserted that it meets the definition of a “cult“. Ross has given expert testimony in cases related to controversial groups and has studied them for 26 years. Law enforcement officials also used the term to describe the 1 Mind Ministries group, specifically characterizing it as a “Christian fundamentalist cult”.

“It fits the profile of a classic cult in the sense that it’s a personality-driven group and that Queen Antoinette is that animating personality and central defining element of the group,” said Ross. He compared the group to others where children were killed because they did not follow the instructions of the group. The Ross Institute Internet Archives maintains a page about 1 Mind Ministries, which contains archived news articles, a photo of Queen Antoinette, and links to other resources.

Prosecutors in the murder case have also referred to the 1 Mind Ministries group as a “cult”, and said that members of the group would likely follow Queen Antoinette’s instructions during the trial. In a hearing August 13 where Queen Antoinette and group member Trevia Williams, 21, were denied bail, they both also refused legal representation from Baltimore public defenders, and both declined a preliminary hearing. “Chances are, the cult members are going to do what she tells them to do,” said Baltimore Assistant State’s Attorney David C. Chiu at the court proceeding. Ria Ramkissoon is being held in the psychiatric unit of a city jail in Baltimore, Queen Antoinette, Trevia Williams and group member Marcus Cobbs are also being held in jail in Baltimore, and federal officials in New York from the United States Marshals Service are searching for another member of the group.

This baby died so that they could be exposed.

Rev. Anna V. Nelson spoke to the family at the memorial service in Baltimore, saying: “I would like to think that this boy died for us. This baby has left a message here for the whole world. This baby died so that they [1 Mind Ministries] could be exposed.”

The memorial service ended with a presentation of video clips of Javon Thompson playing, being held by his mother, and finally watching the camera as a female voice says goodbye to him.

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Memorial for toddler who died under care of controversial ‘1 Mind Ministries’ group

Melbourne – Adelaide train services disrupted into next week following fatal crash

Friday, May 26, 2006

Rail services between Melbourne and Adelaide in Australia are expected to be disrupted until early next week following a fatal crash between a truck and freight train in Lismore, Victoria 170 Km (105 miles) South-West of Melbourne.

The B-Double truck hit the side of a 1,375 metre long freight train at a level crossing at 7:13 a.m. AEST on Thursday in heavy fog, derailing two locomotives and 44 goods wagons. Victorian police said that the truck had been wedged beneath the wreckage of the train.

The driver of the truck, thought to be a 34-year-old man from Wedderburn in Victoria’s North-West died in the crash. The train driver and an observer escaped uninjured. Police said it could take a number of days to retrieve the truck driver’s body. “It could possibly take days to retrieve the body” a Victorian police spokesperson said.

Great Southern Railways, which operates “The Overland” passenger train service between Melbourne and Adelaide said it expected rail services to be disrupted up until early next week. The company will transfer passengers to bus services or allow them to claim a full refund.

The crash will also disrupt freight services between Melbourne and Adelaide.

Local residents and the Victorian opposition are blaming the crash on the level crossing itself, which has no booms, lights or bells.

Rob Dennis, a local resident said the level crossing is the cause of the crash, as it is not fitted with boom gates or flashing lights.

“And it’s a blind turn for anything in a large vehicle,” he said.

Terry Mulder, the opposition’s transport spokesperson said the Bracks Government should have spent part of the $750 million allocated to fast rail projects to upgrading level crossings in Victoria.

“The State Labor Government has wasted $750 million on fast rail projects,” Mr Mulder said.

Mr Mulder said that Victoria has 2,274 level crossings, 1,468 which have no warning systems in place.

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Melbourne – Adelaide train services disrupted into next week following fatal crash

Brand Strategy For Digital Marketing}

Brand strategy for Digital Marketing


Brand Horizon

PART A : How to channelize SEO efforts towards ROI :

A good start is effective Onpage Optimisation to enable website compliance with search engine guidelines

Organic SEO needs committed long term efforts and resources to build sustainable visibility.

Ensure User Web accessibility .

Make sure to use only white hat techniques.

Identify right long tailed key words in combination with generic keywords but relevant to business,Competition and target audience.

Build targeted inbound links otherwise it creates traffic that may not be useful or value added to the business.

Quality Content plays complementary role to the SEO efforts.

Use right metrics and do so,consistently across all brand building tools to complement one another effectively to measure Organic Traffic and Conversions.

PART B: Who owns your Web presence and Digital Marketing

Merely creating a Website and showcasing the offering is not online presence . Here are some tips that can make Website a platform that people can relate to and thereby connect to the brand.

Does the website reflect and communicate Brand personality .

Does it showcase the core values and ethics that sets the Brand apart from your Competitor.

Does it cohesively integrate all elements of social media presence in order to drive more traffic.

Does the website have a CMS system that can accommodate regular updates for the brand to stay connected with prospective customers.

Finally, who owns the responsibility for the traffic ,the geo-analytics and bounce rate in order to ensure that traffic gets converted to Salesready leads !

Planning and creating a result oriented Website needs attention to details and is too important a function to be sidelined. It would involve an indepth understanding of the business,target customers and the marketing strategy. As this is the first point of connect for customers who connect through the Social media, it should be mapped well with Brand strategy in order to engage people and increase percentage of returning visitors.

This is only because – In this highly competitive environment, consumers need not look for search engines, they are blessed with choice engines ,so to say

Brandhorizon, Founded by Asha Sampath offers Corporate Strategy and Brand Management consulting services to support businesses to be more responsive and innovative in the market place through their complete lifecycle. At BrandHorizon, we provide customised executive leadership and management tools you need to build or leverage Company and Product brands . Our transformational and change management support helps businesses to bring about innovation at various stages, for maximizing revenues and improving profitability. We adopt a unique life cycle model that helps businesses leverage commitment of the existing human resources and talents and instills intrapreneurial spirit , processes and metrics, to achieve desired results.

Asha Sampath, Founder and Head of Growth and Brand Strategy Practice at BrandHorizon- A leading Digital Branding Solutions India, leverages over twenty years of rich experience and skills in General Management, Branding/Marketing and Finance Management. She integrates her indepth knowledge and functional expertise in international businesses , in tailoring BrandHorizon and its services to help transform businesses using innovation needed in today’s dynamic and fast paced global marketplace.

Her diverse experience to run businesses, both in India and abroad, where she has fully unleashed potential of brand values of the organisations she was associated with to launch new products and expand market share , combined with proven resilience/success in tackling various business challenges faced by organisations during their life cycle has motivated her to create a platform in BrandHorizon.

For more details ,visithttp://www.brandhorizon.net/brand-management-services.

You canreachus@brandhorizon.net or Contact us athttp://www.brandhorizon.net/contact

Asha Sampath, Founder and Head of Growth and Brand Strategy Practice at BrandHorizon- A leading Digital Branding Solutions India, leverages over twenty years of rich experience and skills in General Management, Branding/Marketing and Finance Management. She integrates her indepth knowledge and functional expertise in international businesses , in tailoring BrandHorizon and its services to help transform businesses using innovation needed in today’s dynamic and fast paced global marketplace.

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Adam Air hits severe financial problems; may be shut down in three weeks

Monday, March 17, 2008

Indonesian budget airline Adam Air has been given a three-week ultimatum by the authorities to prove its economic stability or its license will be revoked, said Transportation Minister Jusman Djamal. This is because major financial difficulties have become apparent today, with two major shareholders pulling out of the company.

PT Global Transport Service (GTS) and Bright Star Perkasa, who between them own a 50% stake in the company, have decided to sell back all their shares to their original owners, who control the other 50%. These are the family of founder Adam Suherman and Sandra Ang.

The companies invested in the airline last year, when the company was struggling after the New Year’s Day disappearance of Adam Air Flight 574 with 102 on board. The Boeing 737 (B737) was ultimately determined to have crashed into the sea near Sulawesi, and all on board are presumed dead. Shortly afterwards, Adam Air Flight 172, another B737, snapped in half during a hard landing, but held together preventing fatalities. These were not the first serious accidents for the company, as in February 2006 Flight 782 became lost for several hours after navigation systems failed and the plane entered a radar blackspot, forcing a subsequent emergency landing many miles from the intended route. The given reasons for the withdrawal are a lack of improvement in safety and financial irregularities.

The company has now also defaulted on debt payments to aircraft lease firms, resulting in 12 of their 22 planes being seized, and has cut the number of routes served from 52 to 12. The remaining ten planes are also in default and at risk of seizure. Adam Air owes leasing companies US$14 million compared to free capital of $4.8 million of free capital. They have agreed to buy back shares gradually for $11 million (100 billion rupiah), $6 million less than the investment firms paid for them. The cost difference will be borne by Harry Tanoesoedibyo’s family, the founder of PT Bhakti Investama, of which GTS is a wholly owned subsidiary. The companies have also lost 157 billion rupiah worth of investment in the company since the April 2007 deal. 9,325 Rupiah are currently worth US$1.

GTS director Gustiono Kustianto said that “Since we joined, our priority has been safety” but that Adam Air’s management had been unresponsive to pressure from the new investors to improve its poor record. Last weeek another company B737 shot off the runway during landing, damaging the plane and injuring five.

Lawyer Marx Andryan of Hotman Paris Hutapea, representing the investment firms, said they have documents proving the company has not adequatly seen to pilot recruitment, maintenance and insurance.

Suherman said “We have defaulted and the investors have done nothing about it. We’ll continue to operate as long as we have planes,” adding that there are no current plans to declare bankruptcy.

“Out of 22 planes, now we only have 10 because 12 of them have been declared in default. The other 10 have been declared in default as well, but I’m still trying to work out a way to restructure the payments,” he told Reuters. He went on to say that a cash injection is required, and that “There is a possibility starting on March 21 Adam Air will temporarily cease operations until there is a decision from the shareholders regarding the insurance premium.”

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Adam Air hits severe financial problems; may be shut down in three weeks

190 dead in Ethiopia floods

Monday, August 7, 2006

At least 190 people have been confirmed dead after heavy rains caused a river to burst its banks in the eastern Ethiopian city of Dire Dawa. A further 300 are reported missing.

Rescuers have been digging all weekend with just hand tools and garden equipment, although bulldozers have also been used to shift tons of mud. Disaster management teams are expected to reach the city today.

The river Dechatu flooded on Saturday night after exceptionally heavy rains. Over 200 homes were destroyed and many died instantly as their houses were swept away as they slept. Of the confirmed dead so far, nearly 40 were children.

94 people injured in the immediate aftermath were treated in hospital before returning to the remains of their homes.

Regional police inspector Beniam Fikru said that some of the dead were already being buried, but identifying bodies was difficult. “Relatives are reporting that 300 people are missing,” he said, “but the search goes on.”

Dire Dawa, 500km east of the capital Addis Ababa, is the country’s second largest city. While the death toll is expected to rise, over 15,000 people had been displaced from the city’s 250,000-strong population. On Friday, over 1,000 people were rescued from villages as rains swept through the south of the country.

Flooding is a regular occurrence in the June-August rainy season and Dire Dawa has been struck before. 45 people were killed in the city in flash floods last summer, some reportedly by crocodiles in the floodwaters.

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190 dead in Ethiopia floods

On the campaign trail in the USA, July 2016

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The following is the third edition of a monthly series chronicling the U.S. 2016 presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after an overview of the month’s biggest stories.

In this month’s edition on the campaign trail: two individuals previously interviewed by Wikinews announce their candidacies for the Reform Party presidential nomination; a former Republican Congressman comments on the Republican National Convention; and Wikinews interviews an historic Democratic National Convention speaker.


  • 1 Summary
    • 1.1 RNC
    • 1.2 DNC
  • 2 Reform Party race features two Wikinews interviewees
  • 3 Former Congressman responds to Cruz RNC speech
  • 4 Wikinews interviews history-making DNC speaker
  • 5 Related articles
  • 6 Sources

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On the campaign trail in the USA, July 2016

Trending Internet Caf Biz}

Submitted by: Gregory Ellis

Internet cafs are becoming popular in cities, especially with Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Although Internet service providers are already enjoying brisk business in these countries, not all households subscribe to broadband plans or they dont have their own computers in their homes. Solution? Internet cafs! These profitable enterprises can usually found in densely populated areas such as near schools, shopping malls, and even tourist places. The trend is even increasing since internet cafs are evolving into internet bar cafs where young urbanites go to unwind, after a hard day at the office or when they got their payday advances. Once inside the cosy bar caf, they have a cold bottle of beer, while surfing and checking out their favorite online social networking sites such as Facebook, Friendster, and LinkedIn.

With this positive growth, more and more people are thinking of setting up trendy internet cafs that serves different customers, from students researching a midterm paper to the young professionals linking with friends or potential clients from everywhere. For those people who want to venture into this lucrative business and try putting one up in their communities. Here are valuable tips in maximizing the investment in an internet caf.

Location. In any business, location is an important asset. It has a big impact on the business and how it is run. The internet caf must be in a visible, if not crowded place, so potential customers have easy access to it. Speaking of customers, the fees for the services offered must match to the market. Also, if it is an internet bar caf, and alcoholic drinks will be served, the owner should be aware of the city ordinances that go with setting up this kind of business.

Competition. Internet cafs, bars, and kiosks operate under one business keystone: the law of supply and demand. If the business is located near highly populated areas, like near colleges or shopping malls, there will be more customers to go after. But, if there are other internet cafs and kiosks around the same area, owners might have a price war in their hands. Marketing experts caution that the service is usually compromised when price wars erupt. It is wise to remember to compete wisely: there are many marketing strategies to use that suits every business.

Offer extras. Depending on the location, an internet caf can be either an alternative workplace for the mobile young professional or a study group venue for students, or even both. Enterprising owners can set up small private room for meetings and gatherings or they could offer fax and printing services. They could invest on additional business equipment or gaming monitors, using their own instant payday loan to purchase these.

Running an internet caf, bar, or kiosk would definitely be challenging but it could also be an enjoyable and profitable endeavor. With enough planning, technical know-how, and marketing, once could maximize investments and profits in no time.

About the Author: Greg Ellis co-founder of

Payday Online

, Australias preferred short term lender, shares his insights on money matters. Founded in 2005 Payday Online has helped thousands of Australians with their fast cash loans but thats just the short term solution. Payday Online also help people in the long run by providing budgeting tools, e-books and individually researched articles on money matters and financial tips. The aim is to



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Car bomb in Buenaventura, Colombia kills at least six

Thursday, March 25, 2010

At least six people were killed earlier today after a car bomb was detonated in the Colombian city of Buenaventura.

The incident occurred close to the mayor’s office, and damaged a local attorney general office, as well as several taxis in the street. Al Jazeera reports that at least twenty people were wounded, although other news services, such as the Christian Science Monitor, said there were at least forty injured.

The head of the country’s armed forces, General Freddy Padilla, blamed the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC) group for the attack, saying that “[s]urely this was the FARC.” However, nobody has yet claimed responsibility for the blast.

Colombian president Alvaro Uribe, meanwhile, offered a reward worth US$150,000 for information leading to the arrest of those responsible. He told media in Medellin that “we can’t let our guard down.”

Guillermo Mendoza, who is the country’s chief prosecutor, commented that he wouldn’t rule out the cause of the blast being either a gang fight, or an attack by drug traffickers as retaliation against his office.

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Car bomb in Buenaventura, Colombia kills at least six