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Submitted by: Gregory Ellis

Internet cafs are becoming popular in cities, especially with Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Although Internet service providers are already enjoying brisk business in these countries, not all households subscribe to broadband plans or they dont have their own computers in their homes. Solution? Internet cafs! These profitable enterprises can usually found in densely populated areas such as near schools, shopping malls, and even tourist places. The trend is even increasing since internet cafs are evolving into internet bar cafs where young urbanites go to unwind, after a hard day at the office or when they got their payday advances. Once inside the cosy bar caf, they have a cold bottle of beer, while surfing and checking out their favorite online social networking sites such as Facebook, Friendster, and LinkedIn.

With this positive growth, more and more people are thinking of setting up trendy internet cafs that serves different customers, from students researching a midterm paper to the young professionals linking with friends or potential clients from everywhere. For those people who want to venture into this lucrative business and try putting one up in their communities. Here are valuable tips in maximizing the investment in an internet caf.

Location. In any business, location is an important asset. It has a big impact on the business and how it is run. The internet caf must be in a visible, if not crowded place, so potential customers have easy access to it. Speaking of customers, the fees for the services offered must match to the market. Also, if it is an internet bar caf, and alcoholic drinks will be served, the owner should be aware of the city ordinances that go with setting up this kind of business.

Competition. Internet cafs, bars, and kiosks operate under one business keystone: the law of supply and demand. If the business is located near highly populated areas, like near colleges or shopping malls, there will be more customers to go after. But, if there are other internet cafs and kiosks around the same area, owners might have a price war in their hands. Marketing experts caution that the service is usually compromised when price wars erupt. It is wise to remember to compete wisely: there are many marketing strategies to use that suits every business.

Offer extras. Depending on the location, an internet caf can be either an alternative workplace for the mobile young professional or a study group venue for students, or even both. Enterprising owners can set up small private room for meetings and gatherings or they could offer fax and printing services. They could invest on additional business equipment or gaming monitors, using their own instant payday loan to purchase these.

Running an internet caf, bar, or kiosk would definitely be challenging but it could also be an enjoyable and profitable endeavor. With enough planning, technical know-how, and marketing, once could maximize investments and profits in no time.

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Bandit Towing The Crime Of Towing Fraud}

Bandit Towing – The Crime of Towing Fraud


Fabiola Castillo

Crime is everywhere and all around us. Not all crime is requires the use of stun guns or pepper spray to thwart a potential assault or robbery. Some crimes are perpetrated by white collar or blue collar people who take advantage of others when they least expect it.

Unscrupulous tow truck drivers are towing away more than illegally parked vehicles in towing scams.

Tow truck drivers are like cabbies. They are hardworking individuals out to make an honest buck. They will be there whenever you need them. They come to take away your car whenever your car breaks down. Outside of this invaluable service, tow truck drivers also clear the city streets and private parking lots of illegally parked cars. Parking is a huge demand for customers who patronize businesses. No doubt, business owners will need available spaces into which their customers can park. However, illegal parking can put a dent into a business owner’s pocketbook if there is no place to park.

As one can plainly see, towing is a legitimate business that services the needs of the customer. So what is all this talk about a towing scam called “bandit towing?”

“Bandit” tow truck drivers are black hat operators who make it a practice to monitor privately owned parking lots in order to tow away cars whose owners are not patronizing businesses associated with that lot. In many instances, the bandit tow truck driver ignores the fact that the car’s owner does patronize a business associated with the lot before going to another business.

If you have ever been a victim of the crime of “bandit” towing, keep these facts in mind: The tow truck driver does not have a legal lien on your car until it is in transit on a public highway.

o If your vehicle is already mounted on a tow truck but is still in the parking lot, the crooked tow truck operator ask you for half of what an official police impound lot would charge for towing.

o If you refuse or do not have the means to pay the requested amount, the issue becomes a civil matter, and the tow truck operator must release your car.

o If the crooked tow truck operator leaves the parking lot with your car because you could not pay the requested amount, then the tow truck operator is in violation of the law. He is taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent. Check the laws in your state because those laws may protect you from unscrupulous tow truck drivers.

Here are some classic towing schemes:

1. In some schemes, car repair or car maintenance shops are ripped off by con artists posing as tow truck operators. They call the shops telling them that they are bringing in a car for repairs or services. The con artist performs the required paperwork then hands the car repair owner or employee the keys. The business they pays the con artist the towing fee thinking they will be re-imbursed the money. Only there is no car being towed and the keys are just random keys.

2. In many places, there are laws against tow truck drivers who drive around looking for parking violations so that they can tow cars away. The towing company circumvents this obstacle by having somebody else do the looking. Some of the time, the same person who owns the towing company owns the business actively in search of cars to tow. This is perfectly legal in many places believe it or not. To make things worse, these crooked towing companies target low-income housing and apartment complexes.

3. Some bandit tow truck operators profile vehicles for the best chance at successfully earning a buck. They ignore old, beat up vehicles because their owners are usually low-income individuals who might not be able to afford the impound fees. If that is the case, the towing company might have to deal with local authorities to have the vehicle disposed of, and the car may take up valuable parking space. They also shy away from expensive cars such as Lamborhini, Porsche, and BMW because of the possibility of damaging the vehicle during a tow and risking a lawsuit. This leaves everybody in the middle a potential mark with Japanese cars topping the favorites list.

4. Some of the time, a crooked tow truck operator will insist that your vehicle be towed to “his” shop for services. Do NOT fall for this. You have every right to have your car towed to wherever you want. If they will not do this, then try to find somebody else to tow your car where you want it to go.

How to Avoid Crooked Towing Schemes

1. Know the local laws regarding towing.

2. Do not leave the property of the business where your car is parked. If a bandit tow truck operator is eying that particular parking lot, your car could be towed in a matter of minutes.

3. If you believe you are a victim of towing fraud, take the time to fill out a police report. If you just let it slide, you are not only out a few hundred dollars, but the crooked tower can find another victim to prey on. Therefore, do your civic duty to fight these crimes, and get a police report filed right away.

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Bandit Towing – The Crime of Towing Fraud


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