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70 688 Preparation Material}

70-688 Preparation Material


Judith M. Ehlers

Question: 1


Your company recently purchased 25 new laptops. All 25 laptops have the same hardware configuration and do not have any operating system installed.

You have been asked to deploy Windows 8 on these laptops. You have installed and configured Windows 8 on a reference laptop.

You need to create an image and deploy it to the 25 new laptops.

Which four actions should you perform in sequence? (To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.)


Box 1:

Box 2:

Box 3:

Box 4:



* You can create a reference computer by deploying Windows, and then removing the computer-specific information from the system.

* On the destination computer, you will create a structure for the partitions where you apply your images. The partition structure on the destination computer must match the partition structure of the reference computer.

* Use the Diskpart tool and the DISM tool to apply Windows images to one or more partitions onto a computer for deployment.

* Use the DISM tool to apply images to your Windows partition.

Reference: How to Capture Images of Hard Disk Partitions by Using DISM

Reference: How to Apply Images by Using DISM

Question: 2


You administer computers that run windows 7 and Windows 8. You run an application that saves files that contain local settings unique to each user.

You want to allow users to synchronize settings for an application to any enterprise computer when they log on to the enterprise computer.

You need to implement a solution that will move a user’s settings files to any computer. You also need to ensure that you can roll back the changes if necessary.

Which required task or tasks should you perform with each approach? (To answer, drag the appropriate required task to the corresponding approach. Each required task may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.)




* Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) uses settings location templates to roam application settings between user computers. Some standard settings location templates are included with User Experience Virtualization. You can also create, edit, or validate custom settings location templates with the UE-V Generator.

Settings template catalog

The User Experience Virtualization settings template catalog is a folder path on UE-V computers or a Server Message Block (SMB) network share that stores all the custom settings location templates. The UE-V agent retrieves new or updated templates from this location. The UE-V agent checks this location once each day and updates its synchronization behavior based on the templates in this folder. Templates that were added or updated in this folder since the last time that the folder was checked are registered by the UE-V agent. The UE-V agent deregisters templates that are removed from this folder. By default, templates are registered and unregistered one time per day at 3:30 A.M. local time by the task scheduler.

The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) is a suite of technologies available as a subscription for Software Assurance customers. MDOP virtualization technologies help personalize the user experience, simplify application deployment, and improve application compatibility with the Windows operating system (UE-V/App-V/MED-V). Additionally, MDOP helps manage, monitor, and deploy key Windows features (MBAM/AGPM). Using MDOP shifts desktop repair from reactive to proactive, saving time and removing challenges associated with troubleshooting and repairing system failures (DaRT).

Reference: Create UE-V Settings Location Templates with the UE-V Generator

Question: 3


You support a computer that runs Windows 8 Enterprise.

You want to create a dual-boot configuration by using the native boot virtual hard disk (VHD) method.

You need to create an alternate Windows 8 installation.

Which three actions should you perform in sequence? (To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.)


Box 1:

Box 2:

Box 3:


Question: 4

You administer client computers that run Windows 8 Enterprise deployed by using Windows Deployment Services (WDS). Your company recently purchased 25 new tablets that run Windows 8 Pro.

For all 25 new tablets, you want to replace the existing Windows 8 Pro installation with Windows 8 Enterprise.

You need to deploy the Windows 8 Enterprise image to all 25 tablets simultaneously by using the existing WDS infrastructure.

What should you do?

A. Start the tablets from the Windows To Go workspace.

B. Start the tablets from a USB flash drive with a customized Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE).

C. Start the tablets normally. Map the Windows Image (WIM) file from a WDS network share.

D. Start the tablets from a customized Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE).

Answer: B


Walkthrough: Create a Custom Windows PE Image

To create a bootable UFD (USB Flash Drive)

During a running Windows Vista operation system or a Windows PE session, insert your UFD device.

At a command prompt, use Diskpart to format the device as FAT32 spanning the entire device, setting the partition to active. For example,


select disk 1


create partition primary size=

select partition 1activeformat fs=fat32assignexitwhere the value of disk 1 is equal to UFD.On your technician computer, copy all the content in the \ISO directory to your UFD device. You can manually create the directory structure or use the xcopy command to automatically build and copy the appropriate files from your technician computer to your UFD device. For example,xcopy c:\winpe_x86\iso\*.* /s /e /f f:\where c is the letter of your technician computer hard disk and f is the letter of your UFD device.Reference: Question: 5 DRAG DROPYou support computers that run Windows 8 Enterprise. Company policy requires that Microsoft Internet Explorer be the only browser allowed and supported.You collect software metering data and discover that several users are running other third-party browsers.You need to block other web browsers from running on the computers. All other applications should be allowed.Which three actions should you perform in sequence? (To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.) Answer: Box 1: Box 2: Enforce Executable rules.Box 3: Explanation:Note:* Use Computer Configuration (not user configuration).* Restrict Access to Programs with AppLocker in Windows 7If you share a computer and dont want other users accessing certain applications, there is a new feature in Windows 7 that allows you to block them. We restrict what programs other users can access using AppLocker.Under Local Computer Policy go to Computer Configuration \ Windows Settings \ Security Settings \ Application Control Policies \ AppLocker.Now under AppLocker Properties check the boxes next to Configured under Executable rules then click Ok. Finally create a Deny Executable rule for each browser you want to block.Reference: Question: 6 DRAG DROPYou support computers that run windows 8 Enterprise. AppLocker policies are deployed.Company policy states that AppLocker must be disabled.You need to disable AppLocker.Which three actions should you perform in sequence? (To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.) Answer: Box 1: Delete all AppLocker rules.Box 2: Disable the Application Identity service.Box 3: Run the gpupdate /force command. Explanation:Note:* Before you can enforce AppLocker policies, you must start the Application Identity service by using the Services snap-in console.* The Application Identity service determines and verifies the identity of an application. Stopping this service will prevent AppLocker policies from being enforced.References: Question: 7 DRAG DROPYou administer laptops and virtual desktop computers that run Windows 8 and are joined to an Active Directory domain.Your company provides virtual desktop computers to all users. Employees in the sales department also use laptops, sometimes connected to the company network and sometimes disconnected from the company network.You want sales department employees to have the same personal data, whether they are using their virtual desktop computers or their laptops.You need to configure the network environment to meet the requirements.Which three actions should you perform in sequence? (To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.) Answer: Box 1: Box 2: Box 3: Explanation:Note: Folder Redirection and Offline Files are used together to redirect the path of local folders (such as the Documents folder) to a network location, while caching the contents locally for increased speed and availability.* Folder Redirection enables users and administrators to redirect the path of a known folder to a new location, manually or by using Group Policy. The new location can be a folder on the local computer or a directory on a file share. Users interact with files in the redirected folder as if it still existed on the local drive. For example, you can redirect the Documents folder, which is usually stored on a local drive, to a network location. The files in the folder are then available to the user from any computer on the network.* Offline Files makes network files available to a user, even if the network connection to the server is unavailable or slow. When working online, file access performance is at the speed of the network and server. When working offline, files are retrieved from the Offline Files folder at local access speeds. A computer switches to Offline Mode when:The new Always Offline mode has been enabledThe server is unavailableThe network connection is slower than a configurable thresholdThe user manually switches to Offline Mode by using the Work offline button in Windows ExplorerReferences: Folder Redirection, Offline Files, and Roaming User Profiles overview Question: 8You manage a network that includes computers that run Windows 8 Enterprise. All of the computers on the network are members of an Active Directory domain.The company recently proposed a new security policy that prevents users from synchronizing applications settings, browsing history, favorites, and passwords from the computers with their Microsoft accounts.You need to enforce these security policy requirements on the computers.What should you do? A. From each computer, navigate to Change Sync Settings and set the Sync Your Settings options for Apps, Browser, and Passwords to Off.B. On the Group Policy Object, configure the Accounts: Block Microsoft accounts Group Policy setting to Users can’t add or log on with Microsoft accounts.C. On the Group Policy Object, configure the Accounts: Block Microsoft accounts Group Policy setting to Users can’t add Microsoft accounts.D. From each computer, navigate to Change Sync Settings and set the Sync Your Settings option to Off. Answer: B Explanation:Windows 8 Group Policy Settings: Blocking Connected AccountsReference: Connected Accounts. This is the feature in Windows 8 where you can associate your local or domain user account with your Microsoft account (e.g. Live ID) for the purposes of synchronizing your Windows settings across all of your Windows devices. Its a nice feature, but not necessarily one that enterprises might find helpful” given the possibility of stuff that may be considered private to the organization such as passwords to websites and apps, being synchronized externally.The setting is under Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options\Accounts:Block Microsoft Accounts Question: 9 You administer a computer that runs Windows 8 Pro.You need to create a backup copy of the computer system drive. The backup copy must support a complete system drive restore to another computer.What should you do? A. Create a system restore point.B. Run the bcdedit /export command.C. Perfom a backup to a shared folder by using the wbadmin command with the -allcritical switch.D. Create a system recovery drive. Answer: C Explanation:-allCriticalSpecifies that all critical volumes (volumes that contain operating system’s state) be included in the backups. This parameter is useful if you are creating a backup for bare metal recovery. It should be used only when -backupTarget is specified, otherwise the command will fail. Can be used with the -include option.References: Question: 10 You manage client computers that run Windows 8 and are part of a workgroup.These computers are configured to use Microsoft Update. Updates are downloaded every day at 10:00 and installed automatically.Users report that their computers sometimes reboot without any interaction.You need to prevent unplanned automatic reboots of the computers.What should you do? A. Enable the Reschedule Automatic Updates scheduled installations policy setting.B. Disable the Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installations policy setting.C. Enable the Automatic Updates detection frequency policy setting.D. Enable the No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations policy setting. Answer: D If you Enable the No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations policy setting the computer will not restart until the user performs a manual restart. Question: 11 HOTSPOTYou support desktop computers that run Windows 8 Enterprise. One computer is a member of a workgroup and is used as a guest computer in a reception area.You need to configure the SmartScreen setting to require administrator approval before running downloaded unknown software on the desktop computer.Which policy setting should you use? (To answer, select the appropriate object in the answer area.) Answer: Question: 12You administer computers that run Windows 8 Pro. Your company uses credit card readers that require a custom driver supplied by the manufacturer. The readers frequently are moved from computer to computer.Your company recently purchased five new computers that run Windows 8 Pro. You want the required drivers to be installed automatically and silently when users connect the readers to the new computers.You need to pre-stage the credit card reader driver on the new computers.What should you do? A. Add a Registry key with a path to a network shared folder that has the driver installation files.B. Run the pnputil.exe utility. Specify the document scanner driver.C. Add a Registry key with a path to a local folder on every computer. Copy the driver installation files to the folder.D. Run the dism.exe utility. Copy the driver files to the C:\Windows\System32\drivers folder in the WIM image. Answer: B Reference: is a command line utility that you can use to manage the driver store. You can use Pnputil to add driver packages, remove driver packages, and list driver packages that are in the store. Question: 13 You support computers that run Windows 8 Enterprise. Your company protects all laptops by using the BitLocker Network Unlock feature.Some employees work from home.You need to ensure that employees can log on to their laptops when they work from home.What should you do? A. Provide employees their BitLocker PINs.B. Ensure that the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chips in the laptops are version 1.2 or greater.C. Enable BitLocker To Go.D. Have users run the Manage-bde.exe -unlock command before they disconnect from the company network. Answer: A Explanation:In addition to the option of creating a startup key, you have the option of creating a startup personal identification number (PIN). You can create either the startup key or the startup PIN, but not both. The startup PIN can be any number that you choose from 4 to 20 digits in length. The PIN is stored on your computer. You will have to type the PIN each time you start the computer.Reference: Question: 14 DRAG DROPYou administer computers and printers on your company network. The computers run Windows 8 Pro.You need to remove a print job from a print queue by using a remote PowerShell session.Which three commands should you run in sequence? (To answer, move the appropriate commands from the list of commands in the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.) Answer: Box 1: Get-PrinterBox 2: Get-PrintJobBox 3: Remove-PrintJob Explanation:Note:* The Get-Printer cmdlet retrieves a list of printers installed on a computer. You can also use Get-Printer to retrieve the properties of a single printer, and then use that information as input into other cmdlets.* Get-PrintJobRetrieves a list of print jobs in the specified printer.The Get-PrintJob cmdlet retrieves the current print jobs in the specified printer. Use the PrinterName parameter to list the print jobs from the specified printer.* Remove-PrintJobRemoves a print job on the specified printer.Reference: Get-Printer; Get-PrintJob; Remove-PrintJob Question: 15You administer Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT tablets for your company. Your company network includes a Windows Server 2012 domain and Microsoft Exchange 2010 with ActiveSync and Outlook Web Access.Users will be using the tablets outside of the corporate network.The Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync policy is configured to require an alphanumeric password.You need to ensure an alphanumeric password is required on all Windows 8 tablets.What should you do? A. From the Mail app, add the user’s Exchange account.B. Set up New Partnership in Sync Center.C. From Sync your Settings, set Password to Off.D. Create a user profile by using a Microsoft account. Answer: ATest Information:Total Questions: 236Test Number: 70-688Vendor Name: MICROSOFTCert Name: MCSA: WINDOWS 8Test Name: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8.1Official Site: More Details Immediate Discount on Full Training MaterialDiscount Coupon Code: 3219R86596Article Source: }

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Why Do We Read Magazines?

By Daniel Smith

In a world of instant information it would seem that the sale of magazines would be obsolete. After all, why purchase a periodical when you can have information texted to you with lightening speed. Why take the time to leaf through the pages of a magazine when you can look up online, anything you could possibly ever want to know. While the spread of electronic knowledge and information is on the rise it doesn’t seem to put a damper on the purchase of Magazine subscriptions.

There is something about the feel of the pages between your finger tips that a computer screen just can’t duplicate. There is an indescribable joy in the luxury of words that can be spent on the pages of a magazine but tend to be lost on a Blackberry. Women will always enjoy the pleasure of paging through their favorite celebrity gossip magazine while under the dryer at the beauty shop just as many men enjoy catching up on the sporting or financial news while commuting on public transportation. There is just something rich and real about reading a magazine that supersedes the ease of information from electronic sources.

The history of the magazine dates all the way back to the 1700’s when the aristocracy read periodicals that contained news of parliament, book lists and reviews, and social and political essays written by the foremost thinkers of the time. Only the rich could afford to purchase magazines and only the few educated people of the time had the skills to read them.

YouTube Preview Image

By the 1830’s magazines were much less expensive and therefore available to the masses. Because they had a different target as their audience, popular themes for magazines included self improvement and personal enlightenment. After a while publishers began to realize that many people would buy magazines for their entertainment value and started printing interesting news stories and serializing horror, romance and fiction novels.

During the late 1800’s improvements to magazines came about through the process of better printing techniques. In 1870, printers experimented with better uses of color and were soon able to print adequate reproductions of famous paintings, so that the masses could enjoy what had been restricted to the upper classes for so long. In 1880 tremendous advances in the art of photography were made and soon it was possible for magazines to contain photographs. This opened people up to the things of the world they had never seen before. When publishers combined printed text with photographs, merchants saw the possibilities and suddenly the advertisements sections in magazines grew. What better way to sell a product than to have a description and a true to life photograph in your ad?

With the turn of the century came better education. As more and more people were able to receive at least some form of education, more people were able to read and the demand for magazines grew in leaps and bounds. By the thirties, advertising in magazines hit a high mark, showing that the popularity of the medium had grown extensively. Soon publishers began to find niche markets from which to create unique magazines. Out of this movement grew the vast variety of specialty magazines available on the market today. For any hobby you can think of, there is at least one magazine dedicated to the pursuit of that form of entertainment. There are trade magazines geared toward just about every industry in existence. There are magazines geared for the interest of every age group, special interest group, and even many clubs and organizations.

The popularity of magazines is sustained because you can pick up a magazine at anytime and browse through it. Then you can put it back and come right back to where you left off. They are entertaining and informative, and great for casual readers who are looking for a pleasant way to pass the time while being entertained and picking up a little useful information.

About the Author: Daniem Smith writes about Magazine Subscriptions and Magazine Coupons


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Alibaug: Small But Beautiful Coastal Town

Alibaug: Small But Beautiful Coastal Town



Alibaug is a small area known as coastal town situated in Konkan region in Maharashtra. The place is mostly famous for its beaches. The best way to reach Alibaug is through jetty which can be taken from Gateway of India. The other way to reach here is by means of railway and the nearest railway station is Pen or can take Mumbai-Goa highway to reach Alibaug. The famous beaches in Alibaug includes Thal beach, Nagaon Beach, Rewas, Kashid beach, Korlai Beach, Akshi Beach etc. Other tourist attractions that one can visit in this place are Kanakeshwar temple, Uma-Mahaeshwar temple, DattaMandir, Korlai fort, Karmarkar museum and many more. There are many Alibaug hotels where one can stay and enjoy their holidays.

Sea View Hotel is located at Alibaug beach. The nearest railways station is Pen which is 30Km from here and Alibaug bus stand is 1 Km from the hotel. The hotel offers 24 rooms which are in turn divided as semi deluxe Non AC, Deluxe AC, Executive AC & super deluxe AC. The hotel provides in-room amenities like hot & cold running water, television, STD/ISD. There is an in-house restaurant where one can enjoy various cuisines but only vegetarian dishes. Other facilities offered here includes Internet connectivity, doctor on call, safe locker, laundry service, swimming pool to enjoy with your family and all the credit cards are accepted.

YouTube Preview Image

Big Splash Hotel is situated near bus depot in Alibaug. Mumbai airport is the nearest airport which is 110 Km from the hotel. The hotel offers 15 rooms which are categorized as 10 standard rooms, 5 deluxe rooms. Various facilities provided here are laundry service, car parking, doctor on call, and 24hrs. room service, travel desk, swimming pool, conference hall facility & all credit cards are accepted. The hotel provides an in-house restaurant offering multi cuisine to the guests.

There are many Alibaug hotelsthat one can search on holidayIQ website. They provide you with the best deals and packages available on a particular room. HolidayIQ will make your holidays the best that you will remember forever. You just need to book the hotel and they will take care of all your comforts.

Samudra City hotel is situated on Mandva road in Alibaug. The nearest railway station is Pen which is 28Km from the hotel & Mumbai International airport is 113 Km away. Kihim beach is near to the hotel where one can go and take part in various water sport activities. All the rooms in the hotel are well furnished and equipped with all the facilities.

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Alibaug Hotels

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Reasons To Go For An Used Stair Lift

Reasons To Go for An Used Stair Lift



If climbing on top and down the stairs get physically frightening for you personally, how more exhausting can be it for the older and also physically troubled? The flight up or down the staircase can be a classic difficulty. Technology has permitted it so that folks who don t and also would be incapable to get use of the legs obtain much openness, and even benefit as much autonomy as they could in particular for floor to level entry. However, the stairway really should not be the feared method of admission.

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Yielding story to floor mobility, an old and also physically in trouble might be empowered while using novel discovered freedom with the help of latest technology s wheelchair lift. They don t have to cart the wheelchair over a steep lift in a leaning surface and also pass the time in area for lifts. They may utilize the stairs with assistance from chair lifts. As promising as they may be however, brand new chair lifts might be costly. Persons with fine finances such as business construction proprietors or else top rise residential building could and can be able to pay for them. Still, for people who urgently want that one in their residences, brand new chair lifts most likely are not a practical endeavor. A more adviced selection constitute a second hand stairlift that operates in the same way to a brand new one but prices a lot less. No matter if more old or fresh, a chair lift however gives the function of staircase ease of use and in addition fulfills the promise of liberty of motion and also autonomy, and also safety. Subsequently, this in reality will not concern even if one buys a brand new or a used wheelchair. In addition, just because one single chooses a slightly used machine does not signify it must be antique. Many used units also appear in several other devices that we may freely take from.

A brand new wheel chair lift doesn’t only touch in to funds to acquire, this places several holes in the account to set up only because they are equipped with late plus much more sophisticated accessories. These are very costly to set up and in addition keep in good condition as well. Second-hand wheel chair climbers, then again, being somewhat used may be acquired for much less. The already used models may be got to wheel chair lift rental establishments which commonly own products for both trade or rent purposes. Besides the worth of wheel chair lifts low fast whether the device is faintly exploited or utilized for a lengthier period. Thus, as a conclusion, purchasing a fresh wheelchair lift is not the wise further. It’s not just impractical but in addition a worse investment. However, a used machine serves the same utility at a much inferior fee. Constructed for strength, wheelchair lifts even second-hand ones may last a long time.

The guarantee of a used stair lift is as a new one that is simple, reliable and comfy to carry in staircases. In planning to purchase only one of those units, it’s always advised to speak to the manufacturers since they have data on who distributes or offers utilized chair devices. But if making a couple of contact points, we may relate costs and also model types also to come with a good informed picking.

Stair Lifts

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What Areas Of The Body Can Be Treated

What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated



Vaser Lipo is the new revolutionary, ultra-sound assisted liposuction procedure that involves precise sculpting of delicate areas of the body by selectively emulsifying fat tissues prior to aspiration. It is a much safer and minimally invasive procedure that results to dramatic reshaping of the body. Unlike the traditional liposuction which usually leaves tissue trauma and could be very risky, Vaser Lipo provides smooth predictable results with less blood loss, pain and tissue trauma.


Who Can Benefit From It

Like any other surgical procedures, be it minor or major, a client must first be checked for any underlying contraindication that could put the client\’s life in danger. Patients with diabetes, heart and lung problems as well as those with history of blood clots are not permitted to undergo this procedure. Ideally, a suitable client for Vaser Lipo must be in good overall health.

YouTube Preview Image

Since it offers precise extraction of fatty tissues, clients who wish to remove unwanted fats in tight, fibrous areas could opt for Vaser London. Clients that prefer either small or large-volume fat removal could generally benefit from this procedure.

What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated

Generally, Vaser Lipo is used for treating specific areas that do not respond to changes in diet and exercise. Whether minor touch-ups or great transformations, one can go for this procedure. Cosmetic surgeons can use this for both delicate areas, like the chin and neck, as well as larger areas such as the thigh, back and abdomen.


This Vaser London uses a technique called LipoSelection, which is the selective emulsification of fat tissues prior to gradual removal of the unwanted fat. This could be done under general anesthesia or as a \’wide-awake\’ surgery. It can be performed in a surgical room, outpatient department or in a physician\’s clinic. The procedure begins with the selected area being injected with \”tumescent fluid\”. This fluid is a special saline solution that basically numbs the area and shrinks the surrounding blood vessels. This ultimately expands the targeted area allowing easy removal of the unwanted fats without harming the local blood vessels. Once the numbing starts to creep in, small-diameter probes are inserted into the area through 4-6 mm incisions. With the use of ultrasonic energy that produces high frequency vibrations or sound waves, the probes will literally shake the surrounding fats until they break loose. Once the fats loosen up, they automatically mix with the saline solution injected earlier. Through gentle and gradual suction, the fluid, now with the fats mix with it, is then removed from the body using the same probes.

Recovery Period

Right after the surgery, patients are provided with a special garment for skin compression to help it form towards the new body area contour. The patient is then given 12 hours for rest and advised to not take strenuous activities for 2-3 weeks. Normally, results will appear as soon as the procedure is done but it will continue to improve for 2-3 months as the surrounding tissues heal.

Side Effects

Because Vaser Lipo is still an invasive procedure, there are still notable side effects that patients should expect. These are the following:

Bruising and swelling

Because Vaser Lipo does not harm the surrounding blood vessels, there are just less bruising and swelling, unlike in other forms of liposuction. Most patients report that the swelling and bruising will disappear in 1-2 days time.

It is normal to expect fat drainage from the incisions after the procedure vaser london. This however, last for 1-4 hours post-operative.

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How To Prevent Spontaneous Combustion Of Automobiles?

How to Prevent Spontaneous Combustion of Automobiles?



Summer is pending. The chances of automobile spontaneous combustion are increasing. How to prevent auto accidents like this? You can take measures from following aspects.

Electrical wiring maintenance

Automotive vehicles are of automation control. As electrical circuits are throughout bodywork of autos, connected with many electrical parts, circuits are likely to have cracks, open circuits, short circuit or bad contact after long-time turbulence and continuous high-temperature heating, causing electrical wire bonding and self-ignition due to power leakage. Among automotive combustion cases, car accidents are in majority because of electrical wire failures. Therefore, car inspection should be taken regularly.

YouTube Preview Image

Fuel piping inspection

Once fuel pipelines have leaking problems, leaked gas, mixed with air to some degree, will cause fire or explosions on touch with ignition source. The risk of spontaneous combustion is after motor electric wire fault. Therefore, fuel pipes should be under inspection while auto electrical wiring are in checks. In addition, when you smell strong fuel in driving, stop moving ahead, shut it down immediately, take it to the roadside and inform repair shops of the problems. It would be very dangerous if you are moving on, the car is in very danger of getting spontaneous combustion.

Avoid optional refitting vehicles.

Some young people would like to reveal their personalities by modifying auto vehicles at will. They would install some electrical equipment, change circuit designs in their cars. Actually, such refitting may increase the electricity loads increase the risk of combustion, just like installing time bombs in cars. If you have such hobbies, stop it for sake of safety.

Avoid overloading

Overloading may cause self-ignition of electric circuits or tires. Long-term overloadingcan greatly shorten the service life of motor vehicles.

All in all, some measures should be taken to prevent spontaneous combustion of automobiles on hot days. Fire fighting tools are also necessities. Even if it happens unfortunately, you can deal with it on time.

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