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Brine Shrimp Kept Cool With Summit Matsu Chilling Systems

Submitted by: Daniel Rollston

November 2009

Cognis Australia is another satisfied customer of Summit Matsu chilling system which has been used by them to keep their brine shrimp frozen at a constant temperature of -18 degrees celsius.

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Cognis Australia s Hutt lagoon site is located 600 km north of Perth, near Port Gregory, and has been thought of as the biggest algae farm in the world. This Hutt lagoon has 400 hectares of salt lakes, and is said to be the only site in Australia for this particular range. The farm harvests and seizes natural beta carotene and other carotenoids which are then purified, refined, and concentrated to create a higher grade product. The site is working 7 days a week, encompassing a TGA GMP license and is environmentally sustainable undertaking processes that do not use petrochemical solvents.

Given the location of the Cognis Hutt Lagoon, where temperatures often reach over than 40 degrees celsius it became quite a challenge for them to maintain a temperature of -18 degrees celsius to keep their brine shrimp frozen. As a result of the uncontrollable external conditions, Cognis required a chiller to replace the current one which was unable to work effectively to meet their needs given the highly corrosive West Australian location. That s where Summit Matsu come in, as an Australian manufacturer of reliable chilling systems with more that 45 year s of experience in the industry a chiller was able to be made that was reliable, and that was specifically designed to work in even the most unthinkable corrosive environment.

The chiller designed for Cognis Hutt lagoon was a 125kW air cooled chiller which contained twin Refcomp reciprocating refrigeration compressors which is now used to keep the 20 foot reefer container that the frozen brine shrimp are kept in at a constant temperature of -18 degrees Celsius. Given the location the chiller had to be installed in where there are high levels of salt in the air which ends up covering the exterior of the chilling equipment, a durable design and build was critical. Con Mees a representative from the Hutt lagoon site said the chiller Showed no signs of wanting to break down demonstrating the ability these chillers have to survive corrosive environments. As the industry depends upon the chillers being reliable and unlikely to fail in order to ensure the shrimp harvest is not ruined it is therefore important that the chilling equipment can be relied on all the time.

Given that Summit Matsu Chilling systems are located in Australia, like Cognis Hutt Lagoon, it makes it easy to communicate and keep in touch about any matters related to the chiller. It is also convenient to ensure that the chiller continues to work reliably to the best of its ability, as the same engineers that made the chiller are able to be contacted if any problems arise and use their expert knowledge to quickly solve any problems so that Cognis Hutt are ensured that their business can keep functioning. Summit Matsu use only the best parts to manufacture their chillers and always update when customizing to meet the new needs for their customers to ensure reliability of their chillers.

About the Author: Daniel Rollston is the General Manager for the Australian chiller manufacturer Summit Matsu Chilling Systems. The Company manufactures and distributes water chillers Australia wide and also commission and service 2kW to 1200kW chillers Australia wide and throughout the Middle East. Further details can be found at:

Tel (AUST): 1300 CHILLERS (1300 244 553) Tel: +61 2 9698 4666 Fax: +61 2 9698 4688


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Fish Tanks Aquariums

Fish Tanks – Aquariums


Stefan Kovac

A clear


is the most effective habitat for every kind of fish or different residing organisms like crabs for example. A clear aquarium means your fish and vegetation will dwell for a longer time saving you time and allowing you to get pleasure from watching them grow. The best way to maintain an aquarium clean is to have all the right gear and use it often to clean with. Additionally it is a mater of know how. There are some things that each aquarium owner should know to wash an aquarium and keep it in the best possible way.

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People who don’t know a lot about aquariums might use harsh household cleaners to scrub their aquariums. This could have detrimental for the small ecosystem you should be striving to create. Good suggestions for keeping your aquarium clear is to keep the water provide clean by cleansing the water pump. To take action one should all the time keep the filtration system in mind. A superb clean filter is what the life of your aquariums ecosystem rely on. Cleaning the filter too usually may additionally have a adverse affect in your aquariums life. It is therefore necessary to take care of a balance, and to scrub your aquariums filter solely when needed or specified by the filters manufacturer. Many aquariums consultants suggest that the ornaments as well as the glass must be cleaned no less than once every two weeks. Cleansing the aquarium ornaments and glass prevents algae from increase inside. If the aquarium is constructed from plastic supplies then cleaning ought to be carried out on smaller time intervals, perhaps as soon as a week. When performing maintenance operations to your fish tanks

, it’s best to always remember a few things to ensure that issues are going easily inside your aquarium. Examine the air pump and see whether it is working ok. It’s imperative that there is enough oxygen for the fish but additionally to allow for correct circulation of the water.

One other factor that will guarantee longer life on your aquarium is guaranteeing that the water is changed often. This manner your fish and plants will dwell longer and your aquarium will certainly look better. One more thing that it is best to do to keep up a clean aquarium is to wash, or at the very least rinse the gravel that sit on the underside of your aquarium. This course of entails that you just remove all contents of the aquarium together with the fish. Due to this fact, its viability depends highly on what number of as well as what kind of fish you have. Retaining a clean aquarium does not only entail cleansing it each week or two weeks. You also needs to contemplate buying a water purifier. There are lots of kinds of purifiers out there for several types of aquariums in addition to sizes. Once you use a water air purifier to scrub the water contents of your fish tank you must all the time let it sit and mix with the water to permit it to dissolve. If you are new to aquariums, at all times bear in mind to read the directions of each product used. Watch out; maintain a schedule for maintenance operations and deal with your aquarium with love

and it’ll eventually flourish.

Fish Tanks – Aquariums

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