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Niels Joergen Haugesen

By Jessica Whittaker

Versatility is the word that perhaps best describes this architect from Denmark who told the world how important it was for furniture to be operative. Niels Joergen Haugesen did not believe in extremely beautiful artwork unless it matched its beauty in effectiveness and efficiency.

In 1956 when Niels Joergen Haugesen was twenty years old, he was trained as a cabinet maker. It goes without saying that design was incorporated into his brain at a very young age for Haugesen showed all signs of vigor, capability and originality. Niels Joergen Haugesen spent five worthwhile years of his life at Arne Jacobsen in Copenhagen and learning all about furniture design. Today Jacobsen is one of his idols and motivations.

Niels Joergen Haugesen designed the Haugesen Table for which he won the ID Prize in 1986 and he won that award again the next year for his much liked X Line chair. The X Line chair is very interesting to look at with its legs forming the shape of X. It looks just like its diagrammatic representation and thus it exudes the simplicity of design-the Niels Haugesen style.

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Niels Joergen Haugesen collections are tremendously appealing. For instance his collection of seats called Distance gets its name from its unique backrest. There is a thin split between the two halves of the backrest joined by thin but durable poles. This makes the seat look like the upper part of the support is just suspended in thin air. This nature of his design proves that there need not be too many complications for furniture to be innovative and chic. Distance sofas are available as two and four seaters and the designs are available in plain fabric; and also a vibrant, eccentric use of multicolored stripes is seen in other pieces.

Another geometrical wonder from Haugesen is the Nimbus Table System. This distinctive design combines five separate table tops and arranges them to form one piece of a single table top. Using this style, a combination or permutation of endless table tops can be used to form bigger tables. Haugesen has a series of five such Nimbus Tables each experimented with different types and colors of wood. This gives the table top a unique look because while we can easily tell the diverse nature and separateness of each top, the stunning blending of these tops can be admired at the same time.

The Xylofon collection is a nice crisscross of metal and wood. While the seats are made of teak wood which is known for its stability and solidity, the legs are connected to the support system and the seat by steel. This prevents the Xylofon Bench and the Xylofon chair from being wobbly.

In 1996, the designer won the Danish Furniture Award which was quite expected after his deserving wins of the Danish Forest Associations Furniture Award and Danish Furniture Industries Design Prize. In 1998, the Danish State Art Fund took notice of this mans creative genius and gave him the lifelong Artists Grant. In the USA, he is represented in the much renowned Museum of Modern Art in New York.

When it comes to grandeur minus the shall we say imbroglio in furniture, Niels Joergen Haugesen definitely warrants a worthy mention.

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Important Aspects About Soft Furnishings

Important Aspects about Soft Furnishings



The moment we set foot in any house, we get a positive, negative or neutral vibes about that household. Most of us overlook many important facts that constitutes towards making the spirit of the home bright and lively. The size of the house is immaterial in making it look good or bad, what matters most is the way it is furnished. Believe it or not but soft furnishings have a great role to play in the overall appearance of the home.

Curtains are available in various fabrics and styles these days. They are available in crochets, plaids, cottons, voiles, rich tapestry and silks. You can go in for a style that suits your budget and lifestyle. Though silk is a rich furnishing fabric but with intelligent mix and match one can create an elegant effect with less costing fabrics as well. One doesn t need to have embroidered silk or silk brocade for a rich appearance; using the right colours and style of the

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soft furnishings

can give a totally new and warm feel to a room.

Rugs and carpets equally add to the personality of the home. For different spaces rugs can be used accordingly. For living room one can go in for brightly coloured rug and watch the room liven up. For smaller spaces where you have more traffic there one can go in for printed cotton rugs or ones with camel or nutty shades. In the bedroom one can go in for carpets with heavy plush pile which can give a luxurious feel when one sinks its feet into it. Children room can be adorned with carpet or rugs based on various themes like animals or sports etc. Again the rugs and carpets comes in various textures and fabrics like wool, synthetic yarns, cotton, tufted yarn, twisted yarn and printed rugs. They are either machine made or hand tufted. Depending upon one s budget one can go in for the kind of rugs that suits them most.

Decorative cushions and floor cushions cannot be ignored either. They should be in tune with the colour and fabric of the curtains and rugs. For a finer feel one can go in for silk cushions, but with children around there is more chances of the spills in that case the cotton covers would be the best. One can customize the complete range of soft furnishings by choosing the fabric of their own choice. Be innovative, mix and match plain cushions in different shades to create an interesting style of your own.

Bed linen is something used personally and should be chosen carefully. It must be inviting, cool and comfortable. Bed linen range from bed sheets, pillow cases, bedspreads and comforters to duvet and duvet covers. There is no dearth of choice regarding the style and fabric of bed linen but again one should decide according to one s personal requirement and life style.

Some key factors that must be kept in mind before getting on the home furnishing spree is that never overlook the architecture of the house. One should be clear about the theme whether one wants a traditional style or wants to have a contemporary feel of the home. The geographical parameters of the place where you are living should be kept in mind as well. The patterns of the fabrics whether small or large should be in accordance with the space they will be used for and last but not the least never go against the colours of the wall!

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Modern Gardening Equipment To Maintain And Beautify Your Garden

Submitted by: Chris Carson

Gardening has been the favorite pastime of many people ever since. It has provided them with peace of mind, tranquility and helped reduce stress. Traditionally, gardening can be very tedious because of all the work that one has to do. But nowadays, gardening is a task or a hobby that has become simpler, less tedious and convenient. All thanks to the many modern gardening equipment one can utilize to make gardening easier. Here are some of the essential equipments that you should have for your garden.

Garden Shredders

This has become essential modern gardening equipment as it helps clean up faster. It can cut and shred leaves, twigs, branches or any other garbage or dried foliage for easier cleanup and raking. Then, you can easily move such cuts and shredded material easier in a bag for disposal. It can also cut some wood chips which you can use as a path or mulch in your garden. If you have a vegetable garden that includes growing cabbage and tomatoes, you can shred the tough stems in the garden shredder so they decompose quicker than normal. This is multifunctional equipment that you can use in many different ways which makes your investment in one definitely worth it.

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Hedge Trimme

This is important modern gardening equipment that you need to have to maintain the beauty and structure of your small trees. Decorative gardening, wherein shrubs and small trees are cut creatively in different shapes, needs constant trimming to retain its beauty. A hedge trimmer, also known as bush trimmer, is needed to maintain the fine shape and details of decorative plants. Just remember though to keep the blades of the trimmer sharp for precise cutting of plants.


If you are growing a vegetable garden or berries, a cultivator is an essential modern gardening equipment to have. This helps till the land better. This machine has a set of teeth that pierce through the soil and drags the soil as it moves to create a lineage. As it moves it pulverizes the soil to aerate them and distribute nutrients accordingly to help your crops grow better. This machine works on the surface of the soil to control weed from forming so your crops are protected.

Lawn Mowers

This modern gardening equipment helps keep your garden smooth and better looking. This controls the height of the weeds that you grow on your garden as it carefully trims them. Using this, you won t have to use your hedge trimmer to trim down the grass and bow your head as you trim. Such form can give you lower back aches over time. Using this, you can just roar it to life and drag it across your lawn and it will instantly trim the lawn. No more backaches for you then.

These modern gardening equipments can help you to not only make your gardening life easier but to help improve your work as well. Now you can get precise and sharp cuts using your hedge trimmer to shape your bushes and plants and cleaning up will also be easier using the garden shredders. Rest assured, everything will be worth the investment.

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