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A Cheap Valentine’s Day

By Chiun Masters

Hold on – before you raise your eyebrows, let me explain what I mean. You see, I believe that romance doesnt have to cost a thing. It simply requires some thought and effort about what you can do to please your partner more. What counts the most is not the price, but the thoughts and emotions that go behind everything you say and do for your loved ones.

For starters, begin this special day with a few surprises. Why not leave a few love notes on her pillow, on her dressing table, or on her cars steering wheel? Be creative! I once asked a favour from a police officer friend to help me out on Valentines Day. He flagged down my girlfriends car while she was driving to work and acted like he was going to give her a ticket. Imagine her surprise when the police officer gave her a bunch of red roses and chocolates from me! That really started her day off with a bang; she told me many, many kisses later.

If you feel like being much more creative and daring, why settle for the love notes? You can easily get a can of water-soluble aerosol paint and write a message of love right on your front yard! Or try printing out I Love You posters on your PC and sticking them on light posts along her route to work. As an added treat for her, call her favourite radio station and request her favourite love song, so both of you can listen to it along the way.

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Another great idea is to let her boss in on the celebration. Ask permission ahead of time to take her out to lunch early, or to have the rest of the day off. Then show up on her lunch break and whisk her away for a lovely picnic in the park, or wherever place you both like and is appropriate for the occasion. What I usually do is take my girl for a picnic on the beach; she loves the beach and there are not many people around than usual.

For the ladies, try leaving a note on the bathroom mirror promising an afternoon delight. Or fill up his car with I love you balloons. Have I told you that surprises can go a long way? While hes at work, find his car and leave a note on his steering wheel suggesting a romantic rendezvous. I even know a guy who was visited at work by his girlfriend wearing a trench coat with almost nothing on underneath! These little treats will definitely keep the fires burning all day long until much, much later.

You can also arrange a secret, surprise getaway for lunch yourself! Be sure to arrange it with his boss, and then visit him at work with a sexy outfit and tempt him away to lovers lane. Carry along a bottle of wine and some sweet treats, as well. And as long as were talking about food, why not cook his favourite dinner and serve it by candlelight? You dont even have to cook to get a great dinner, come to think of it. I found this website, that features great gourmet meals to make this day a festive one. They also have some great romantic gifts as well.

But why stop there? Go the whole nine yards! The first touch is to wrap your sexy negligee and send it to him at work, complete with a subtle message of a romantic evening. Leave a trail of paper hearts, each with a loving message, from the front door to the bedroom for him to find as he comes home from work. Before that, decorate your bedroom in a theme that appeals to him – Western, tropical island, medieval, anything that captures his fancy. Light some scented candles in your bedroom and lay out a romantic picnic on the bed. If this wont make the flames of love and passion roar, then nothing will.

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Information On All Kinds Of Diamond Rings

By Adriana J. Noton

One of the exciting moments in a couple’s life is getting engaged. This kind of moment is generally enhanced with some sort of chosen ring. This tradition has been used by many many individuals and is still carried out even in today’s modern world. Some couples have decided to make their’s a different kind of union by selecting an unusual kind of stone by adding colored gemstones. Diamond rings can come in many variations to express one’s feelings toward one another and using these kinds of gemstones helps make it official.

The price of any kind of gemstone will be determined by it’s own set of characteristics such as color or markings of the stone. A gemstone such as a diamond has a very important grading system classified as the four Cs. Most individuals will choose the most popular and classic white diamond as both their engagement and wedding set as the official symbol of being a joined union.

These gemstones are available in many colors like the yellow canary gemstone is very popular but also very expensive. This is also true of the pink diamond as well and can come in many sizes and shapes as the very wealthy love. Most average Americans can afford the traditional white diamond as an engagement ring, which is one of the reasons why these are so available in every jewelry store around.

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Diamonds are available in many forms such as in an earring or bracelet. These beautiful gemstones are such a favorite of some individuals that they use these items and even in rings for everyday wear. Since these are affordable gemstones depending on the size and grade, most can complete this set and afford to buy several more to compliment their special events or simply for everyday wear.

There are many different kinds of options to consider when purchasing a diamond. One might be does the consumer care if the diamonds are real or simulated as the beauty of these can be found in both options. There are many manufacturer’s that can make a simulated diamond look just as beautiful as the real thing and only under a jeweler’s loop can they tell the difference. This could be the option for the individual who is not interested in value but just for appearance sake. This would be the ideal situation for those folks as the cost of these simulated items are very affordable.

The interest has become the number one place for individuals to get great resource on just about any subject matter one is interested in. This is why individuals who are interested in finding simulated gemstones can go to any website and find the object of interest so easily. This can also be a great resource for the person who is looking for more information on genuine diamonds as well.

The availability for this type of gemstone has become so popular that television networks have developed shows that center around selling this kind of gemstone. This makes it so convenient for the individual to purchase just about anything one desires. In most cases there is no appraisal that will accompany the gemstone but in some rare cases when the stone is larger in size may come with a certificate or one that can be purchased.

Diamond rings are made for many different occasions and some can be very expensive or some can be very affordable. This will largely depend on what one is looking for and some consumer’s are interested in something very simple or the terribly extravagant. The engagement or cocktail ring can consist of a single stone or a cluster of gemstones depending on the individual’s personal preference.

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