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Your Ex Boyfriend How To Stay On His Mind And Make Him Miss You And Crave Your Love

Of course you will try to get your ex boyfriend back after a breakup. You still love him and have no idea why he stopped loving you. The truth is, he probably didn’t stop loving you. Guys can be strange sometimes and get hurt by some small word or action you thought nothing of. In this sort of situation, you have to be careful not to show him how desperate you are for his love. You need know how to stay on his mind in a positive way.

The reason you are so desperate is because you miss the man you love and you are afraid of losing him for good. You might even be obsessed with his love, and that is only natural. Anytime you think you have lost something for good, you miss it and want it back. The trick to getting your ex boyfriend back is to make him miss you and crave your love.

To make your him miss you and crave your love, you cannot be chasing your ex boyfriend or telling him you can’t live without him. As long as he feels comfortable with knowing you want him back, he will keep you begging him to love you again. Having a lovely girl like you throwing herself at him, boosts his ego. But what happens if you suddenly stop showing any interest in getting back together?

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Men are not as complicated as women think they are. In fact if you can handle a child, you can handle a man. This is because men never grow up emotionally. Look at the things they do as a young boy to impress the girls. Riding their bike with no hands or climbing a tree. The reason they play so hard at sports and risk serious injury is just to impress you girls.

The way to make your ex boyfriend miss you is to make him think you no longer care for him. Even though he broke up with you, you are the one in control because women are always in control. A woman gave birth to him, raised him and gave him love. Your ex boyfriend grew up under the authority of a woman. All of this background in his life with women makes it easy to use male psychology to get your ex back.

All men need a woman’s love and your ex boyfriend needs your love. At times he will test you like any small boy will do. He does this by finding an excuse to breakup and have you beg and lose your pride. But if you use male psychology and ignore him, he will soon feel he has made a mistake. Your ex boyfriend does not want to lose you and he needs your love. It might sound like a silly game and in was it is, but if you let him pout and go on with your life, he will soon begin to miss you and crave your love.

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Technology: How To Deal With The Surface Of High Frequency Welded Steel Pipe(2)

Submitted by: Double Shu

Following the introduction of yesterday, now we tell the remaining four points for you.

4.2 Spray abrasive

In order to achieve the desired effect of rust removal, we should choose the abrasive based on the surface hardness of steel pipe, the original extent of corrosion, the required surface roughness, coating types. For the two-layer or three-layer polyethylene coating, we use a mixture of grit and steel shot abrasive blasting easily to achieve the desired effect.

Steel shot has the effect of strengthening the steel surface, while steel grit have the role of etched surface. A mixture abrasive of grit and steel shot (usually steel shot hardness is 40 ~ 50HRC, grit hardness is 50 ~ 60HRC) can be used for a variety of surfaces, even with C and D levels corrosion of the steel surface, rust removal effect is very effective.

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4.3 Abrasive particle size and the ratio

In order to obtain a better distribution of uniform cleanliness and roughness, abrasive size and the ratio’s design is very important. Coating roughness is too easily lead to peak the anchor pattern thinning; at the same time as the anchor pattern too dark, in corrosion with coating process is easy to form bubbles, seriously affect the coating performance.

Roughness level too small will result in coating adhesion and impact strength decreased. For serious pitting inside, not only by high-intensity large abrasive particles impact, must also be polished off by small particles of corrosion products to achieve the cleaning effect. At the same time, a reasonable proportion of the design not only can reduce the wear of steel tubes’ abrasive and nozzles (blades), and the utilization of abrasive can be greatly enhanced. Typically, steel shot of diameter is 0.8 ~ 1.3mm, steel grit particle size is 0.4 ~ 1.0mm, in which 0.5 ~ 1.0mm is the main ingredient. Sand balls ratio is 5 to 8.

We should be noted that in practice, the ideal ratio of abrasive’s grit and steel shot is difficult to achieve, because hard and brittle steel grits’ crushing rate is higher than steel shot. To this end, the operation should continue sampling mixed abrasive, according to the particle size distribution, mix new abrasive to the rust removal machine, in which mix new abrasives, steel grit number is account for the major.

4.4 Rust removal speed

Steel tubes’ rust removal speed depend on the type and displacement of abrasive. Generally we should choose a lower loss rate abrasive, this will help improve the cleaning speed and long blade life.

4.5 Clean and preheat

Before spray treatment, using cleaning methods to remove grease and fouling of the surface of steel pipe, and using the heating furnace to preheat the tube surface to 40 – 60 ℃, make the steel pipe surface keep dry. In the spray processing, due to oil-free steel surface, rust removal effect can enhance, the dry steel pipe surface is also conducive to steel shot, steel grit and rust separate from the oxide skin, so that after removal the steel pipe’s surface is cleaner.

We should pay attention to the Importance in the production of surface treatment, strictly control the technological parameter. In the process of actual construction, steel pipe coating peel strength value is much higher than the standards, to ensure the quality of coating. On the basis of the same equipment, greatly improve the technological level, and reduce production costs.

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