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Driving Sales Through Retail Marketing

Submitted by: A Noton

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations as a small business owner and forget to spend time on your retail marketing plan to increase your sales. Most businesses think that they have to dedicate a big chunk of their annual budget to marketing, and while for some this is true, there are some marketing ideas that don’t have to cost a fortune while still delivering real results. One very effective marketing tool to build customer loyalty is loyalty marketing and reward programs.

What is customer loyalty? Customer loyalty is essentially the behaviour of repeat customers, as well as customers who will vouch for a business by leaving a testimonial regarding a favourite product or service. Loyal customers will also tell their friends and family about the amazing experience they had at your retail store whether online or at a brick-and-mortar store.

Building customer loyalty is a key retail marketing strategy, because it will mean that a business can thrive with an ever expanding client base instead of constantly having to find new customers. Some marketers put much importance on the strength of the relationship a business can build with their clients, which depends on: satisfaction of their experience with a business, the quality of the product or service, and in some ways the cost of the service relative to the service provided.

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The concept behind loyalty marketing is to get your customer to switch from another retailer or service provider, to yours. In order to get a customer to switch over to your store/company, you’ll need to reward them with something that’s valuable to them. However, it’s not the goal to just get them to switch over one time, you’ll need to have them continue coming back. Develop a loyalty card that rewards your customer with something of value to them and they’ll keep coming back to earn more and more of that valuable rewards.

Some businesses have had great success with loyalty punch cards. Think of the local pizzeria that offers a “buy 6 get one free” punch card. How often have you found yourself searching for that punch card in an effort to get all six circles punched out? Or what about the nail salon that offers half off after 10 visits? Any business can adopt this technique by printing up business cards with slots that they can either use a custom stamp or shaped paper punch to mark a sale. Consider also printing a price list or promotion on the other side of your card, and give them out freely! You never know where your cards will end up, and may result in some surprise traffic.

Another way to offer a reward as a result of continued loyalty is to partner up with a consulting company, like Loyalty One, who can offer years of expertise and experience with a range of businesses both big and small. Loyalty consulting companies can design a strategy to identify your goals and find a way to meet them by increasing your sales and creating repeat business. Consulting companies that focus on loyalty and rewards programs will also help you build relationships with your clients, which many customers feel is an important part of their everyday spending habits.

One of the major factors that can affect customer retention is customer service. Customers will always remember poor customer service over a good product, so make sure that along with your wonderful product or service you offer outstanding customer service to ensure your customers will return time and time again.

Loyalty programs should be considered seriously by any business, because it has a direct affect on profitability which is a concern for any business of any size. Loyal, long-term customers are less likely to take their business to another company, and more likely to provide a business with free word-of-mouth advertising. Loyal customers are also likely to diversify their spending within your company or retail business because they already have established a comfort level with you and your employees.

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Different Tips To Make Money Online

Submitted by: Michal Jorge

Internet has opened up many new ways to earn money from comforts of your home itself. Popularity of Internet has meant that you no longer have to go through the regular office timings, now you can work at your own flexible timings and be your own boss. In order to make money online you will require computer knowledge and skills. You will also have to know the best ideas to make money online. Some of them have been discussed below:

1.Stock Photography Agencies: If you have professional photography skills and your photographs can impress anyone you have scope to earn money online by selling photographs. There are many stock photography agencies online where you can sell your snaps. Such agencies offer incentives and income sources to the budding photographers. You will get payment on per download basis after getting royalty rights from the agency. Thus required photography skills can help you land with good money each month.

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2.Message Boards: Message boards are heavily dependent on regular contributions of community members to keep the discussions going and the community alive. Once message boards become popular more members join the forum and there is need to solve their queries. Not only do the queries have to be answered but detailed discussions are also required. If the message board gets desired popularity then it will draw advertisements too. It will not hurt the owners to pay its active members for posting comments regularly. This will in turn provide you an opportunity to make money online.

3.Filling Surveys: Market research is an important aspect, it tells a thousand things. Thus research groups look out for people to fill up the required information which will help in evaluation. You can make money by filling up these survey questionnaires. There are thousands of research groups who will provide you with this opportunity. For each completed survey the groups offer certain points or money. Once you exceed the money earning limit you can exchange the points for money.

4.Freelancing: Internet helps all freelancers to get enough amount of work based on their skill sets. Some of the skill sets may include programming, graphic designing, writing, training , etc. There are some specialized websites where the buyers post their requirements and you can bid for the assignment. Buyers select from the bids and assigns work. This is one of the popular methods used to make money online and apart from providing a minor share to the website you are in a win-win situation.

5.Blogging: You can earn money simply by creating a blog and putting some engaging content in that. There are two ways of making money through blogs: firstly you can start a blog and write on various issues. Secondly, you can set up a sponsored blog and write reviews about products for other companies wanting to promote their business. You can make a lot of money using your blog site.

These are tried and tested ways to make money online. You can work from your home and be your own boss using the power of Internet.

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