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Green Tea Extract Quality Nutritional Supplements Aren’t Cheap!

Submitted by: Valerie Rosenbaum

If you buy cheap green tea extract pills, you might get saw-dust or a toxic contaminant. If you don t read the label carefully, you might not get many antioxidants, at all. You could get other ingredients that are bad for your health. Here s how to find a good supplement.

On the label, you should see the percentage of catechins an polyphenols that are in the extract. For example, the label might say 100mg or extract, 98% polyphenols, 80% catechins. The source of the supplement should be the camellia sinensis plant. Other than herbal teas, all teas come from this plant. To make the black varieties the leaves are oxidized. Oxidation changes the flavor and also greatly reduces the catechin content.

The supplement should not contain additional amounts of caffeine. Many of the green tea extract pills that are sold as weight loss, diet aids or fat burners contain lots of additional caffeine. If you don t drink any caffeinated beverages, that might be okay. But, if you do, you need to count up the total caffeine that you are consuming every day. If the supplement will put you over 500mg, don t take it.

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Moderate caffeine intake is good for you, according to recent studies. But at amounts approaching or exceeding 500mg per day, it causes caffeinism. Symptoms are anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, and frequent urination.

If there are other ingredients in the product, you should do a little research and find out what those ingredients are good for. Are there any side effects? Do they interact with any medication that I am taking? Catechins are not known to cause any unwanted side effects, but one of them binds with an important cancer drug, rendering it therapeutically useless. If you are taking Velcade, don t take green tea extract pills.

Figuring out whether or not a supplement contains what it says it does and nothing else is a little more difficult. Most of the raw ingredients for these products come from China. Not all Chinese manufacturers are bad, but only about 2% are good. Finding out how a supplement company selects its raw ingredients can be difficult. If they have a website, start there.

An extremely low price is a dead give-away. Either the capsule is nothing but sawdust or the retailer decided to buy from one of the bad sources. But, even high quality green tea extract pills are not the best thing that you can do for your health.

If you are like most people, you have a busy life. By the time that you finish working and taking care of all of your other responsibilities, you barely have time to eat. What you choose to eat is probably a convenience food. Even the healthy looking ones are not good sources of nutrients. Taking a good multi-nutritional supplement will make a huge difference in how you feel and maybe how you look. The best ones include essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, as well as a variety of plant extracts. These supplements are a far better value for your money than green tea extract pills. Think about it, before you buy.

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Avoid Turkey Neck With Easy Strategies

Avoid Turkey Neck with Easy Strategies


Gothika Seol

The platysma muscle, which is situated in the anterior of your neck, might become loose and look bloated with age. This is a disorder that occurs mostly with elderly ladies, and excessive weight gain will give an evidently saggy appearance. This is known as turkey neck. You can opt for several treatments for this deformity. However, what level of treatment to choose from depends on the seriousness of the condition. The least pricy or less intrusive cure is opting for turtleneck sweaters and scarves. However, if the deformity is severe, you might need to look for other alternative options.

What Causes the Problem?

The neck is a fragile part of the human body and can have a drooping appearance for a number of reasons. It might be due to the laxity of the platysma muscle, weight gain, distended neck cords, and loose, sagging pelt. The reason and degree of the flabbiness will help you decide on the nature of the cure. There are several treatments available like surgery, anti aging cream, wrinkle free emollients, and laser treatment.

Opt for the Right Skin Cream

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Is the turkey neck minor or pronounced to get evidently noticed creating an unpleasant look? If it is in its initial stages, it can be cured effectively by applying special ointments, lotions, and adhering to a smart skincare routine. Emollients meant for the purpose will help in making the pelt around the neck firm. This way, the epidermis will not loosen and sag. If treated at the earlier stages, there will be no need for an invasive surgery. Prevention is better than cure, isn t it?

Besides, you also need to take overall care of your neck skin. You need to cleanse, exfoliate and condition the area on a regular basis. Apart from using anti-crinkle ointments, remember to use a good sunscreen when you are outdoors for a longer period of time. Apply the best anti-aging cream with ingredients like retinol that instigates the creation of elastin and collagen to make the pelt around your neck tight. You can also restore the elasticity of the epidermis by using serums containing Vitamin C.

Neck Exercises

Besides using ointments or gels, there are exercises that should be part of your daily routine. There are certain workouts that will tighten the area affected and will help your muscles relax. Try out these workouts for at least half an hour a day as it will help in diminish the Turkey Neck appearance. This does not imply that you will not use any emollients. Both exercise and skin care routine should go hand in hand.

Evade products With Mineral Oil and Alcohol

Your anti aging cream should not have constituents like mineral oil or alcohol. That s because these components will injure the affected part making it parched. It will aggravate the situation making you prone to irritation, creases, folds, and other symptoms of aging. Ingredients like alcohol will deprive the skin of its natural tone and appeal.

To infer, it is important to switch to a healthy lifestyle. Avoid staying outdoors for a prolonged period and quit habits like excessive intake of alcohol, smoking, unhygienic diet, and less sleep.

Gothika Seol has done many experiments to recover from aging effects on her skin and she tried various

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and crepe paper skin that started affecting her personality as she grew older. She knows different remedies to this aging problem and various side effects of anti aging products on your skin.

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