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Submitted by: Luciana Hudes

There is surely no one who has no idea about the Galapagos archipelago. Located 604 miles away from the land area of Ecuador, the islands of Galapagos are renowned throughout the world for their unique wildlife, rich marine ecosystem, amazing landscapes, lush greenery, pristine beaches, and wonderful environment. These are only a few reasons why the Islands of Galapagos are also renowned as world heritage site. Whether you are a nature or adventure lover, you will surely have an amazing and memorable holiday in this wonderful archipelago. From sunbathing, hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving and lava caves to sink hooded and birds to giant tortoises, there are various things to do and explore this wonderful archipelago. As each island of the Galapagos is different from the other in numerous ways, it is important to do some research to plan out an exciting Galapagos Islands tour itinerary to have a wonderful experience on this archipelago.

Do Your Research to Plan out a Wonderful Trip to Galapagos

Visitors from different parts of the world usually prefer to visit this wonderful archipelago to see some of the rare and beautiful barefooted birds, fearless wildlife, and the birthplace of the modern day evolutionary thought. But, there is surely more to see and do on this wonderful archipelago. This archipelago consists of more than 13 major islands and 6 smaller ones, and each one is different from the next in some ways. You need to do a comprehensive research about this archipelago to know exactly what you want to explore. If you are planning your trip to Galapagos for the first time, approaching a reliable and renowned local tour operator is the best option to plan an amazing, knowledgeable, and hassle-free trip to Galapagos. With years of experience in organizing trips, the professionals know where you should go and what you should do for making your trip to the Galapagos Islands full of fun.

What Items Should You Carry with Yourself?

Whether you are planning your trip to Galapagos for having a wonderful snorkeling experience, scuba diving, biking, hiking, sunbathing, wildlife or bird watching, it is important to take the right clothing and accessories to have a comfortable stay during your Galapagos holidays. As the Galapagos archipelago is located directly along the equator, the sun rays are very high as well as the weather is very warm so you need to carry some comfortable and light clothes to stay cool and comfortable during your trip to Galapagos.

Having sunglasses, hats and suns cream is must to keep your eyes and skin protected from the overexposure of the harsh sun rays.

If you love swimming, it would be great to bring a swimsuit to enjoy swimming in pristine and crystal clear water. The temperature of sea usually drop up to 18 degree Celsius from the month of April to December, a wetsuit would be great option to enjoy snorkeling at this wonderful island to its fullest.

Hope these tips will help you in planning an enjoyable and memorable trip to the Galapagos Islands. If you want to enjoy your trip to the fullest, you need to approach a reliable and renowned tour organizer for an amazing touring experience.

About the Author: Luciana Hudes is a USA-based single mom raising her 9 year old girl in the suburbs of Texas. As a biologist, she loves flora and fauna species & exploring less-traveled places. Right now, she’s back from Galapagos safari camp to share her experience.


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